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Lose Everything? Lose yourself in it!

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In today’s hectic life, everyone’s rushing and going so far as calling life a “rat race”. But first you need to remember that you are Human after all.

Be the best at everything. Literally everything. Sit on the first bench. Rank first in school. Come first in a race. Be the youngest person to get a job. The youngest one to get that hike. The best in your family.

Reading “10 Shortcuts To Success,” “How To Be Successful In 20 Minutes”, “This Gazillionaire Slept Standing Up, Says That’s The Secret To Their Overwhelming Success”.

Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Die.

“What a hard worker he/she was.”

This is where there’s a cameo by failure in your life. Give it a chance and it will give your character the arc that will define you. This failure is that break you won’t take for yourself because you’re so busy breaking yourself, chasing a vague word that is ‘success’.

Failure breaks the glass you were looking through and drags you out of the shade. It will burn you like a desert on fire and burn your self esteem, and your thoughts, and it will make you shed who you used to be.

It will make you see from a new perspective. See everyone through the veil they wear, and you will find people, whose names you’ll be able to count on your fingertips, who really, truly want you to be okay in your life. It will give you all means necessary to be reborn, a new you if you let it.

Lose yourself in your failure because it is beautiful. Losing everything is haunting, depressing, and in its sadness, you will find beauty and freedom. Because you will realize there isn’t anything else left to lose. It’s beautiful because you’ll realize that you can metaphorically be crushed to the ground and still get up. It comes at a heavy price of losing countless hours to a dark place, but if you punch the cave strongly enough and with a lot of support, you’ll see the light that helps you build yourself back up.

So if you lose everything, lose yourself in it. It’s fun.

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